Artist Interview: K. K.

To promote the first issue of nonSENSE Press’ upcoming erotic-grotesque inspired zine, NANSENSU, we will be interviewing each of this issue’s contributing creators in the upcoming week as we count down to the issue’s release on May 4th (that’s tomorrow!)

Today we’re joined by K. K., a cake decorator with sickly sweet and terribly terrific art.

Tell us a bit about your art. To what subjects are you drawn? Any style(s) that you tend toward? Any preference for certain mediums?

I tend to favor only really cute things or really morally dubious things, and then blend them together. For styles I like intricate linearts, Japanese inspired brush strokes, and loud pop art. The only mediums I use are traditional, as I practice strictly within my realm of expertise, having a persistent disconnect from digital mediums.

What inspires you?

Questionable and unfortunate life experiences that are a part of the human experience, but also genuine (and dare I say true) love and compassion. I like to play one against the other in art pieces that are part of a larger, overarching story, and see how one affects the other. Specific artists as well, such as Junji Ito and K. M. Claude continue to inspire me to be weirder and better every day.

 Which of your works are included in this issue?

Brother, Sister, Daughter, Mother, Siblings, and GUROshitsuji, respectively, in that order.

What inspired each of your works included in this issue?

Nearly all the pieces are tied together by themes of family, excluding “GUROshitsuji” which is fanart and was inspired primarily by spite and annoyance.

What would you consider your role or responsibility as an artist to be, if you believe any to exist? If you don’t, is there a reason for that?

I’ve only ever thought my “responsibility” as an artist is to create art, otherwise I can’t call myself one. Art is subjective and can be consumed or ignored, and is under no obligation to educate the masses at large about how to think, feel, or act. Art can evoke different emotional responses in different people based on their own entirely unique life experiences and morals, but how they react and analyze the art they consume is their choice and their responsibility.

Where can we find more of your work?

You can find me at @d0nkarnage or for your continued viewing pleasure.

Any final thoughts or closing statements you’d like to make?

If you don’t like the art you see in the world, make your own goddamn art. Bring back the old-world tradition of art grudges that last for decades. Paint flowers, draw corpses, sketch babies or collage incest. If anyone gives you shit, tell them to switch condiments–because that weak sauce ain’t helping.

Thank you, K. K.! Well, tomorrow’s the big day! For updates and more, including when issue #1 of NANSENSU goes live in print and e-book, follow us here at @nonsense-press, on wordpress, twitter, or sign up for our mailing list!