Artist Interview: F. Anneliese DePano

To promote the first issue of nonSENSE Press’ upcoming erotic-grotesque inspired zine, NANSENSU, we will be interviewing each of this issue’s contributing creators in the upcoming week as we count down to the issue’s release on May 4th.

Today we’re joined by F. Anneliese DePano, a graphic designer and fanartist who juggles digital and traditional works.

Tell us a bit about your art. To what subjects are you drawn? Any style(s) that you tend toward? Any preference for certain mediums?

I tend to draw a lot of fanart admittedly, but in both my fanart and original work, I tend to illustrate a clear scene – subjects clearly in the middle of doing or feeling something, like a candid snapshot. I dabble with different mediums, but I tend to either draw things by hand with pencils and inks, or sometimes create vector illustrations – whichever medium conceptually works better with what I’m trying to convey at the time.

What inspires you and your art?

I’m drawn to art with high contrast, loud and vibrant colors, and/or characters with bold, flawed personalities. But, much like in my included piece, I’m inspired by finding the fantastic or horrific in the everyday, and that idea will definitely be a kind of artist’s statement for future works.

What is the name of your work included in this issue?

Look at You.” It was almost “Who are You?” but I thought the imperative was more effective at pulling the reader into the story and, in a way, create a call to action to “look at yourself.”

What inspired this work?

This was a very cathartic piece. I occasionally deal with self-loathing and often see my own frustration and depression as monsters clinging to me. I thought I’d take that more introspective, “figurative monster” approach with this issue’s theme, since people can relate to seeing themselves as monsters if they’re not satisfied with who they are and feel the need to really look at themselves, whether or not they really are monstrous.

What would you consider your role or responsibility as an artist to be, if you believe any to exist? If you don’t, is there a reason for that?

I think as both an artist and designer, I’m called to do two things: to be authentic and express myself in my work, and to call attention to ideas and themes that need to be seen, to be discussed, to have light shed on them. Much like graphic designers are called to convey a message or cause in a clear and visually effective way, artists have more visual flexibility, but they share a similar responsibility, and they really have the power to inspire or break people with their work. I consider art to be both an outlet and a vehicle.

Where can we find more of your work?

I have a Facebook page (F. Anneliese DePano), a Tumblr ( @fadepano ), a Redbubble shop (F. Anneliese DePano), and a Wysp (fadepano).

Any final thoughts or closing statements you’d like to make?

Stay in school. (Unless you have another plan – then stick to a plan.) Keep doing what makes you a happier and better person. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it. And don’t be afraid to ask someone you love if they’re okay, because that can make all the difference in that person’s life.

Thank you, F. Anneliese!  For updates and more, including when issue #1 of NANSENSU goes live in print and e-book, follow us here at @nonsense-press, on wordpress, twitter, or sign up for our mailing list!