Artist Interview: Moira Absinthe

To promote the first issue of nonSENSE Press’ upcoming erotic-grotesque inspired zine, NANSENSU, we will be interviewing each of this issue’s contributing creators in the upcoming week as we count down to the issue’s release on May 4th.

Today we’re joined by Moira Absinthe, a digital artist known for her sensual fantasy and gothic art.

Tell us a bit about your art. To what subjects are you drawn? Any style(s) that you tend toward? Any preference for certain mediums?

I have always been drawn to the gothic and fantasy genres, often combining the two. I have a weakness for supernatural creatures such as vampires and demons and love incorporating them in my work.  My style is ever changing I feel like, it sometimes depends on the piece and the tone I want the artwork to portray.  As far as mediums are concerned I have become a mainly digital artist, utilizing Paint Tool SAI for my art program along with a Wacom Intuos 4.

What inspires you and your art?

I have inspiration that comes from all sorts of places, especially with various types of movies, television, literature, and especially music.  I always have music playing when I draw, sometimes repeating the same song for days so I don’t lose that inspiration.

What are the names of your works included in this issue?

Blind Aggression, Parasite, Wrath, Love Yourself, Perfect Death, and It’s Inside Me

What inspired each of your works included in this issue?

As aforementioned, music is a huge part of my inspiration so various bands such as Psyclon Nine, Sopor Aeternus, and Cinema Strange were some of the biggest influences on my pieces.

What would you consider your role or responsibility as an artist to be, if you believe any to exist? If you don’t, is there a reason for that?

Well, for me, my biggest goal is to create something great; to bring my ideas to life and hopefully give someone else some enjoyment out of it too.  I know for me I use art as an escape from reality, as pretentious as that may seem.  But I feel like many of us just need a breather from every day life, and I believe art is a huge component of that escape.

Where can we find more of your work?

Any final thoughts or closing statements you’d like to make?

Art has had a huge impact of my life, and it is my biggest passion.  It is what I hope to be doing my entire life for both my hobby and my livelihood.  I hope you all enjoy my work and I look forward to creating more in the near future!

Thank you, Moira Absinthe! For updates and more, including when issue #1 of NANSENSU goes live in print and e-book, follow us here at @nonsense-press, on wordpress, twitter, or sign up for our mailing list!